Our company derives its name from a small, swallow-tailed flag that serves to rally the troops and signifies leadership. We feel that it’s emblematic of the role we play, helping companies reach their full potential.

Guidon Partners is a hands-on partnership founded by leaders in health care services. Our investment strategy is focused on helping companies who want our expertise and guidance, not just our money. If you’re ready to get to the next level of growth and profitability, we can help.


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How We Work

Invest Own Capital

Guidon Partners was launched with capital committed by its Founders, and is not affiliated with any one private equity firm. A group of our partners serve as our Investment Committee. Absent any conflicts, each of our partners participates in every investment.

More Than Money

Every co-investment comes with the active participation of at least one Guidon partner. As a partnership, our goal is to make companies more valuable than they would be without our involvement.

Investment Strategy

Guidon Partners does not limit itself to one particular stage of investing. Instead, we focus on opportunities where our expertise and guidance can make a difference. For example, we co-invest in growth companies as they build new products, expand into new markets, invest in new technology and improve profitability. Guidon Partners also co-invests alongside private equity firms in company spinoffs, turnarounds and leveraged buyouts.

Investment Process

Guidon Partners is engaged by private equity firms as a co-investor at different stages of the investment process. In some cases, we’re involved early, including discussions of attractive sectors for deal sourcing or initial due diligence on actionable opportunities. In other cases, we’re engaged later after private equity firms submit indications of interest or even close a deal and are in search independent directors with relevant expertise. We are committed, collaborative, team-oriented partners, who pride ourselves on being responsive to management teams and lead investors.

Need a specialist?

If you’re a private equity firm and you need assistance with a buyout, merger or restructuring, we may be the solution you’re looking for. The Guidon team brings senior-executive-level operating experience in an array of environments and markets. Health plans. Government programs. Health IT. Physician practice management. Acute hospitals and post-acute care. We are experienced in turnarounds, integrations, capital strategies, public markets and start-ups. We know how to work with payors, self-funded employers, Medicare and Medicaid and consumers. We can help as co-investors, advisors, or both. And best of all, there’s no learning curve.

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Will Rogers


Guidon Partners has co-invested alongside private equity firms and management teams in these market leading companies.




If you do business in health insurance or health care services, the names of our founding partners should be familiar. We’ve all had senior experience in a variety of companies. We’ve been founders, done turnarounds, rung the bell on IPOs and, in several cases, merged companies onto bigger platforms—to the delight of our investors. Our team’s history is made of success stories and our mission is to help create many more.

"You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than everyone else."

Albert Einstein


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